First day of camp

Makenna started a day camp at the Boonshoft on Monday. It was her first time in an environment where she didn’t know any of the kids and had to make new friends. She was scared to death and begged me not to leave her. I finally pulled her off my leg enough to head toward the door when she yelled,

“Mama, you told me never to talk to strangers. And I don’t know anyone here. They could take me away, and you would never know!”

At which point, my mind is screaming, “Okay, never thought of that.” and then “Oh, I dread what she will be like at 13!”

When the nanny picked her up that afternoon, she called and said,

“Mama , I had sooo much fun. I met all kinds of new friends. But, I am so sad. I won’t get to see them any more after this week.”

Ah, Makenna. Always on to the next drama!


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