Headless Horseman Goes to Heaven

I am in Vermont at a conference all week and missing my family something fierce! The only great thing about being away are the fun conversations I get to have with Makenna on the phone. I never know what to expect.
For example, when I called in tonight to see how the day went she shared with me that she had drawn a great picture today. “What is in your picture?” I ask.

“Well, it is a picture of the headless horseman going to heaven. And he’s crying because he doesn’t want to go. You see, the headless horseman likes to hurt people and scare them and cut off their heads. So, he doesn’t want to go to heaven because he can’t do that any more.”

OK! No more MICKEY MOUSE version of The Legend of Sleep Hollow or any other DISNEY halloween stories for a long time!  And we really should take a look at that girl’s sugar intake!


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