img_3262We have started a new game at night. While I am fixing dinner, Makenna entertains her brothers as they sit in their high chairs. Sometimes she tries to teach them numbers (really cute!), other times she ‘reads’ them books, and then there are the times when she sings to them.

Last night, she was playing peek-a-boo. She would go to Dylan,he would cover his eyes and she would yell “Peek-a-boo!” Then she would go to Jack and repeat the process.

I had my back to them during most of the game, but I noticed that she was really having a reaction to Jack. When I finally turned around, I found out why.

While Dylan understood the concept and covered his eyes, Jack would cover his ears and close his eyes! It was hilarious to watch. She was having to yell really loud so he could hear her. I laughed so hard at the whole game. It was hilarious to watch!


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