I Need a Bigger Closet

img_3481Makenna got a book from her school book fair that has 6 pages of stickers. The stickers are of all kinds of clothes and accessories and the book has several pages of models to dress. Kind of like an updated version of paper dolls.

She spent most of Sunday ‘dressing’ her models for everything from prom to rock concerts to working out and school outfits. She literally spent about 7 hours on it.

When she finished, she showed us the collection. It truly is quite impressive. In fact, I would wear most of the outfits she created. David and I immediately asked how she could put together such chic outfits and yet wear the get-ups she does on a regular basis (ironically including the outfit she had on that day that consisting of a kelly green shirt, lime green shorts, light blue socks and brown and pink tennis shoes!).

She looked at us very seriously and said,

“If I had a closet full of clothes like these, I could totally be cool everyday.”

(sigh) I hear ya, girl!


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