I pee on rocks!

Jack and DylanNow that the boys are being potty trained, I am experiencing all kinds of fun behavior that I never incurred with Makenna. The process is taking forever (READ: Nearly 2 months!) and there have been a few interesting incidents like this one.

Last weekend, I had gotten the kids out of the pool and immediately removed the boys ‘swimmers’ (diapers for swimming). As with every other time I have done this, they began peeing on the imbedded stones around the pool. Not a big deal to me, and they love shouting, “I pee on rocks, Mommy!” while they are doing it.

Imagine my surprise when later that day I found them totally naked and peeing on the fireplace in our family room. As I came in the room freaking out, all they could say was “I pee on rocks, Mommy!”

Not those rocks!!


One thought on “I pee on rocks!

  1. Very funny–to read not live, I’m sure. We had a talk with our 5yo about how peeing outside on the farm is fine. But peeing outside at the babysitter’s home on the cul de sac is NOT.

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