Hail to the Mighty, Mighty Bottom

My kids, especially the twins, LOVE the Wonderpets. For those of you not familiar with this great show, it is for preschoolers and on Nick, Jr. Three daycare pets – a turtle, a duck and a guinea pig – journey around the world saving baby animals in the craziest of predicaments.

Whenever the show comes on, the boys break out into the theme song. Then they settle in, mesmerized by this heoric little trio.

Last week, we caught an episode in which they save a baby beaver. The rescue involved repairing a hole in the beaver’s dam. At some point during the show, the duck sang a brave song about plugging the hole in the dam using his “mighty, mighty bottom.” The boys found this very hilarious and have taken to calling their own little rumps by this funny new name.

The best was this recent yell from Jack while in the bathroom:

“Someone, please come wipe my mighty, mighty bottom. I need HEEELLLLPPP!”

How could anyone refuse an offer like that?


One thought on “Hail to the Mighty, Mighty Bottom

  1. Totally gives me a new perspective on the Wonderpets and their rallying cry – “What gonna work? Teamwork.” Glad to hear your team is working so well together, mighty, mighty bottoms and all.

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