40 Years of Living

Today, I sat in a corner of Graeters enjoying an incredible ice cream sundae on the eve of my 40th birthday weekend. And I thought I should use this blissful, child-free, calorie-ridden moment to take stock of the 40 years I have contributed to this world.

For a few years now I have considered the idea that I needed to somehow mark this momentous occasion with a significant milestone. Something that says I have made it. I have survived grade school teasing and high school drama. I worked through several different college majors to get to a career I am proud of. I have volunteered with organizations that are making a difference in this world. I have made life-long friends who have changed me. I have become a mother to three of the most beautiful, funny joys of my life. And through it all, I have loved the most amazing man who still stands by me every day.

And then it hits me. I don’t need a milemarker. I have 40 years of highs and lows, day ins and day outs, smiles and even bigger smiles that add up to one incredible life. And this year and every year after, I will take a moment to reflect, smile and be thankful for one more very happy birthday.


One thought on “40 Years of Living

  1. Such a great post, Natasha! Happy Birthday!!!

    Where were you for MY 40th 🙂 ?? I used to think those milestone birthdays would bring nothing but horrors (20 – oh God, I’m going to be in “the real world” soon; 30 – why am I not feeling like I’ve accomplished much?; and 40 – wow, here comes the gray!). But as I near 50, I have reached a spot similar to yours … life has been full of ups and downs, tears and cheers. But it has ALL been wonderful! I would not change a thing … well, maybe one or two 🙂 ! But I know the best is yet to come… and I wish you the same!

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