Wait, You Look Just Like ME!

So, the twins have finally figured out they are twins! How do I know that they know??

When I was picking them up from preschool a couple of weeks ago, Dylan was standing next to me, coat on and ready to go. Jack was across the room with his back to me still playing with no coat. I called over to him, saying his name and telling him to hurry up. Immediately, the teacher says, “That’s not Jack. It’s Dylan.”

Jack slowly turns with one of his best sly little grins, and the teacher knows she’s been had! All day, the two of them have switched identities!

But the best was when the same teacher called me last week to tell me that everything was fine, but that she had lost them for a little while. At some point that afternoon, Dylan had asked to use the restroom. After a few minutes, the teacher realized that not only was Dylan not back, but Jack was missing, too.

Thankfully, she found them in the restroom together. Unfortunately, the reason they were in there together was to exchange shirts to confuse the teacher once again!!

I am soooo dreading their teenage years!


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