Raising them right??

While there may not be a manual for parenting, there are signs along the way to give you a hint as to your progress. Signs that you are doing the right things – your child says excuse me after a very loud burp in the middle of a restaurant. Signs that maybe a little work still needs to be done – he only says it after announcing that was ‘the coolest burp ever’ and a very stern look from you!

I appreciate these signs. They do help me recognize our trouble areas and give me boost on those days when I know they finally ‘get it.’

Like this weekend when I heard Dylan in Walmart singing:

“I like big butts and I cannot lie. I really don’t know why. I’m pooping everywhere. And sometimes it’s a scare.” Thank you Yogi Bear (the movie) for teaching him this classic! Obviously, he has added his own unique twist. At least, I now have a sign that maybe we need to work on what language is appropriate in the middle of a store.

A few hours later, I was changing radio stations in the car based on his request: “I don’t like that song,” or “That song is too slow.” When I came upon Every Breathe You Take by The Police he yelled, “Wait, who is that?” I tell him it is The Police with Sting, one of daddy and I’s favorite artists. He responds, “Oh, yeah. He’s totally cool.”

Whew…thank you parenting gods for the sign that, yes, we are doing something right!


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