OH, that’s why!

I have had a renewed effort and approach to weight loss recently. Monitoring
calorie and fat intake and working out daily. Most of the time, I get up early before the rest of the family because it works for me, and I can do it in peace.

However, the occassion arrises that I have to work out later in the day in front of everyone. Not my choice, but better than no workout at all.

Today at breakfast, Dylan commented that my workouts were interfering with his ability to play XBox and he wanted to know why I was working out so much. I tried to explain that it takes a long time to lose weight and that it was a lot of work.

His comment back was simply, “No, it’s because you were so fat to to start.”

Thank you, Makenna, for quickly taking my side with, “Yeah, but she’s not as jiggly any  more.  She’s doing great!”

I left the rest of my breakfast on the table and made plans to interrupt some more gaming tonight! :0


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