Mommy, It’s Growing!

The morning routine at the Baker House is simple. I get up first; always. I workout, get ready for work and then proceed to the fun part of the morning – getting the kids ready for their days.

Wake up Makenna. Head to the boys room. Get them dressed and off to the bathroom. Wake up Makenna, again. Get the boys down for breakfast. Yell at Makenna to wake up, again. Get boys fed. Go back up stairs and take away Makenna’s covers so that she has no choice but to get up because she’s freezing! And so on.

It’s a chaotic dance that plays out mostly the same way every day. Until last week.

Last Thursday, I was in the boys’ room trying to get them moving. I was in the closet getting their clothes when Dylan runs in with a giant smile on his face. “Mommy,” he yells pointing down. “Look! It’s growing!!” And from Jack, a big “Me, too!”

I had to agree, ‘it’ was out there. But before I could make an uncomfortable response, Jack asked if Makenna’s would grow too. I explained that Makenna didn’t have one of those. His face fell flat and he asked, “Did it fall off?”

“No honey,” I replied. “Girls don’t have a penis.”

“Oooooh! I was afraid mine would fall off, and I really like it!”

Of course you do.


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