To my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher

Here are some things you should know about my beautiful girl on the eve of the new school year.

She is excited. Not only about having you as her teacher, but about the possibilities this year brings.

She is passionate. About writing and music and art and reading and learning for learning’s sake.

She is fierce. She protects her friends and watches out for them. She protects her beliefs and stands behind them.

She is silly. Hats, mismatched socks, pink hair and knock-knock jokes make her smile. You’ll grow to love that smile.

She is smart. Class and homework are easy for her because she is so quick witted.

She is an entertainer. Ask her to sing or tell a story; you’ll be amazed.

She is incredible. For all of the reasons I have listed and so many more.

Instruct her. Lead her. Guide her. Show her. Help her. Teach her.

I am counting on you to shape her God-given talents with your tools and make her more into herself. The self I know she can be.

Have a great year.


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