Halloween is a comin’

We are a bit obsessed with Halloween at our house. We have more scary decor than for Christmas. We have already begun planning our annual Halloween birthday blast (all three kids’ birthdays are the week after Halloween.)

As the countdown to horror begins, my kids request scary stories, music and sounds everywhere we go. Today, the Party City costume flyer arrived and they have already worn the pages. I had the best time listening to, and recording, their conversation as we drove to dinner. They were listening to haunting sounds and scouring the pages . Enjoy!

M – Are we going for pizza?

D – Is this Michael Jackson in Thriller or just a regular werewolf?

M – Who farted?

D – Look at that zombie’s bloody eyes?

J – That’s a sweet car!

D – Can we watch Transformers 3?

J – Why are they screaming?

D – Is that Dad?

M – That was a werewolf.

J – Can I be the headless horseman for Halloween?

M – Look at all those creepy birds.

D – What is that sound?

M – Who farted again?

J – That was awesome!

D – Why is she screaming?

J – I can sound like a werewolf. Listen – Aaarrooooooo. Grrrrrr!

M – Ewwww that sounds squishy!

J – (Singing) “I love you like a love song, baby!” (Selena Gomez and the Scene would be proud!)

M – No wait, Jack. I love you like a vampire, baby!

D – That’s a cool storm trooper costume!

M – Jack, stop singing! (Ironic for those of you who know her!)

D – What’s that scary sound?

J – Go faster, Mommy!

Me – No!

M – Why? It’s just a ticket!

J – No wait! I don’t want the police to get you. Cause (singing again) I love you like a love turd, baby!

D – Daddy could run over zombies with the Hummer!

J – Yeah! Then they wouldn’t suck his brain!

D – Yeah! Yeah!

M – Daddy is cool!

Long live the scary days of Halloween fun!


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