Party Like Its 2012…

There it is. The Mayan Calendar. As you may have heard, the Mayans developed the modern calendar that we have followed for hundreds, even thousands of years. The calendar, that – seemingly inexplicably – comes to a very abrupt halt on December 21, 2012. That is only about 341 days from now. And according to some, this abrupt end signals the beginning of the apocalypse and the end of the world.

My husband and I have debated this possibility and finally came to the conclusion that whether or not life as we know it comes to an end,  we are going to live 2012 like its 1999. (For those of you too young to remember…)

We aren’t going to go crazy selling off all of our posessions, quitting our jobs, and living with the kids in an RV travelling across the country. But what if we paired down a bit and donated our excess to people who need it more? What if we made a stronger commitment to spending family time together? And couldn’t we give more and spend less?

In 2012, we are chosing joy. We want to have every minute of the next 341 days filled with the things we love.  If it the world ends, we die happy. And if not, maybe our kids would learn that living every day like you may not have another is the way to becoming truly happy. Life without regrets; without the stress of to-do lists and the burden of stuff. Life filled with joy and love. That is our resolution for 2012.


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