The circle of life

Makenna has been talking about death a lot lately. She is very
concerned about what happens after we die and whether or not she can come back as a ghost. Or if it would be more fun to be an angel. She insists that she would be a nice ghost and help people rather than haunt them. 🙂

Questions have been circling around what age we will probably die, whether her brothers will go before she does, do dogs go to heaven with us, will Great Grandma and Grandpa Bud be there to meet us, can we meet daddy’s mom when we die, etc.

Thanks to my sooner-rather-than-later birthday, she is very concerned that I am going to die soon. After all, I am ‘ancient’ (her new favorite term for me.)

Yesterday, she convinced the boys that I am old enough to be a grandma, which may technically be true, but I hotly denied. She responded that in just nine short years she will be 18 and can have all the babies she wants. (YIKES!! We’ll save that for another post on a day!)

She went on to say that she hoped I would still be around then to be a grandma. Seriously? I am not that old! She followed with,

“Mom, I really don’t want you to die first.”

“But, Makenna, that would mean that you would have to die before me.”

“Oh…well… in that case, you can go first.”

Gee, thanks. Was there ever any doubt that I would? I mean I am SO old!


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