Words I love to hear

While I understand that part of my job as a parent is to ensure that my children speak clearly, using correct language and grammar, and understanding the appropriate words for a situation, there are certain words and phrases that I continue to let my kids hold on to.

I think it’s because losing all of the mispronunciations and misuses signals the end of an era that I am not quite ready to let go of. In the end, they will go to school and a teacher or classmate will set them straight.

But for now, here is a short list of my favorite mixed up words from the mini-Bakers. I smile every time I hear them and always stop myself from correcting them because I am thankful for the fact that childhood still reigns supreme at our house.

Saturdays  – better than sundaes, for sure

Thorhead – so much stronger than a forehead

Livring room – say that five times fast!

Bamcakes – yummy with syrup

Mammit – better than the ‘d’ word, right?

Okay, that last one I do correct, but it is pretty ingenious.


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