An Ode to Dog

It’s been four days since the last confirmed sighting. We have  officially called off the search.

My sweet little Jackson has lost his Dog. Dog was with him for five years. An adventurous pup, Dog made many trips in his short life. He comforted Jack at the doctor’s office and on a few scary trips to the ER. He was a trusted companion on those first few days of preschool. He slept at Jack’s side faithfully every night. He was more than a friend. He was Dog.

And while we have searched every nook and cranny in an effort to avoid one more night of Jack crying himself to sleep, we have had no luck finding him.

So to you, Dog, I say thank you. Thanks for comforting my baby when even I couldn’t bring a smile to his face. You were a part of our family, and I hate that your era came to an end like this. You will be missed.

Sniff. Woof. Sniff.



After making a very heartfelt plea for his lost friend, we took Jack to Target to get a new dog!  World, meet Rango the spotted eye dog. Everyone is happy again.



Incredibly, and some might say ironically, Dog is found hiding under Makenna’s bed, where she swears she searched for him this morning. After making quick friends with the new Rango, Jack declares it has been a great day! All is right with the world.

Of course, now we will have to keep track of two dogs everywhere we go…


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