A happy mom’s day indeed

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and since the kids are still young, I can count on my fair share of handmade gifts and whispered sentiments. I love them. Particularly this year.

I was awakened by Jack and Dylan sharing that they loved me “higher than the universe and even higher than God.” So sweet.

And Makenna wrote me a poem.

I ❤ U!

I love you to pieces. Oh yes, I do.
Admire you? Of course, I do.
You’re inspirational; the stories you tell.
The time you laughed at me so hard that you almost fell.
The moment I saw you, from birth until nine,
You were the one that was mine. 
I love you so much, I’d do anything you see,
Because I love you. You’re my mommy.
I am sorry for acting like a crook.
And I know this rhyme is not like a book.
But I truly love you, I do.
I love you so much, I do.

Many thanks to David for his thoughtful gifts, and to my wonderful kids for making me a mom. It truly is the best. job. ever.


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