Top 10 Things I Say Every Day

Since becoming a freelancer and stay at home mom, I have noticed that my everyday language has adapted. Which makes sense when you consider the dramatic change in my audience!

Instead of uttering phrases about strategic planning and media relations to clients, I am usually talking to a couple of unreasonable 5-year-old boys and a 9-year-old who thinks she’s going on 16!!

I decided to keep a running tally of the Top 10 phrases that come out of my mouth everyday. I am sure a few, if not most, will sound familiar to you!

10. Jack, no Dylan…wait…which one are you??

9. Please pick up ___________. (Take your pick – socks, shoes, toy, papers, crayons, Wii remote, etc., etc.)

8. No farting, burping, throwing food, playing at the table!

7. Stop biting, hitting, pinching, teasing your brother/sister.

6. How can you still be hungry?!

5. Please stop making noise just to make noise.

4. No, you can’t say that. Yes, it is a bad word.


2. What is all over your shirt??

And the #1 thing that comes out of my mouth multiple times everyday…

1. I love you, soooo much!


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