Summer Bucket List Update Part 2

 Summer is quickly slipping away, but I am proud to say that we are almost half way through our Summer Bucket List. It has been SO MUCH FUN! Here is an updated checklist and don’t forget to see all the photos from our adventures here.

1. Sleep under the stars
2. Pajama days
3. Game/movie days
4. Lake trip
5. Have an indoor picnic
6. Build a fort with lights
7. MOVE!!
8. Splashpad trips
9. Hike at Cox Arboretum
10. Summer reading programs
11. Weave hula hoop rugs for new bedrooms
12. Make playdough
13. Visit Dayton Art Institute
14. Backyard movie night
15. Go to library story time
16. Go on a scavenger hunt
17. Blow lots of bubbles
18. Eat LOTS of popsicles
19. Make taffy
20. Go to USAF National Museum
21.  Go to an outdoor concert
22. COLOR!!
23. Go fishing
24. Make a windchime
25. Go for bike rides
26. Have an outdoor picnic
27. Go to church
28. Make slime
29. Put glow sticks in the bathtub
30. Do a photo shoot with the kids
31.  Go camping
32. Learn balloon tennis
33. Go to a county fair
34. SWIM!!
35. Have a sleepover
36. Go to Heaven’s Corner Zoo
37.  Shoot off fireworks
38. Play kickball
39. Go to Newport Aquarium
40. Eat at Sammy’s El Pueblo
41.  Go to Touch a Truck
42. Go to a beach
43. Make splatter paintings
44. Spend the night at Gpas
45. Spend the night at Gmas
46. Go to Ikea
47. Go bowling
49. Decorate a cake
50. Eat smores


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