Thanks for a great summer

We had the most amazing summer! Thanks to our Bucket List we kept busy trying new things, going new places and really squeezing everything we could out of the summer of 2012.

A big shout out to all of the fantasticly fun family events and locations that allowed us to explore and expand our horizons. We will be back! The kids have said over and over it was the ‘best summer of their lives!’ And I know a lot of folks have enjoyed keeping up with us on Facebook over the summer.

Some of my favorite moments included the Jack feeding the giraffe at Idle Ranch, the sand shark that followed Dylan around the Newport Aquarium, Makenna’s sheer joy in creating all kinds of crafts, and all of the happy smiles. They are memories I will always treasure.

We didn’t get to everything, but man we had an incredible time trying. And who knows? Maybe we’ll roll over a few items to our 2012 Fall Bucket List! 😉

Oh, and thanks to Shutterfly for the free summer photo book! Now we’ll keep these memories alive all winter!


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