The Bodyguard

One of our goals in moving to the country was to introduce the kids to a ‘simpler’ way of life. One in which they ate food that their hands helped grow and had a chance to experience life and nature.

Being true American kids, their very first experience was to climb one of the several trees we have on the property. It has become a daily occurence. In fact, Makenna has found a spot for writing in her journal and sketching for art class.

Of course, the downfall to a great tree to climb is, well, the down fall, which Jack experienced yesterday. He took a short tumble out of a fir tree and hit the ground yelling. By the time he made it back to the house he insisted he was fine, but the tell-tale lump on his collar bone suggested otherwise.

After a short and extremely pleasant trip to the Dayton Children’s Urgent Care in Springboro (thanks, again, for the popsicles, ladies!!) we had confirmed a hairline fracture of his collar bone. Not a major injury, thankfully, but one that requires a sling on his arm for a few weeks.

Today, I gave Jack the rules about recess, waiting for the bus and any other hidden dangers I could think of where he might cause further injury. I also gave Dylan a lecture about taking care of his brother – things like opening doors and holding his book bag.

Dylan’s main concern, “Do I have to button his pants in the bathroom?”

Jack’s response, “Dude, you just have to be my bodyguard.”

I will always love them…


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