Blame it on the YouTube

Thanks to YouTube, Makenna has become an avid video watcher. Most of her favs include Weird Al Yankovic and Glee. She watches them whenever she gets online and sometimes in place of TV.

I never knew the extent of their impact until yesterday. In the middle of her history lesson on Thomas Jefferson, she let out an unbelievably loud and ferocious sounding belch. Not a burp – a belch.

I quickly wheeled around in my seat to prompt out an “Excuse me.” But instead, I got,

“Blame it on the ap – apa – ap – ap – ap – ple juice.” Sung to the tune of ‘Blame It’ originally by Jamie Foxx and TPain, but known by Makenna thanks to this video.

Time to figure out that parental blocking.


One thought on “Blame it on the YouTube

  1. Oh yeah. My stepson Henry (12) stumbled upon the website CollegeHumor thru YouTube vids of gangham style dancing. YouTube is the gateway drug:(

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