Mom’s slip up brings tears to kids’ eyes: More at 11

I created this blog to keep a journal of “all the funny things the Baker kids say and do.” But sometimes, the funny is on me.

Like today at lunch. Makenna and I were trying to get through several literature lessons in a row to allow her to have Monday off of school. (The boys were off today and will be Monday for the Sauerkraut Festival!! No lie! They can’t get the buses through town!)

Anyway, we were plugging through, and I had to reread a section from a poem to her. The stanza reads:

His conscience, of course, it was crook’d like a squash,
But both of his boots made a slickery slosh
And he went through the world with a wonderful swash,
Did Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee

Unfortunately, that’s not how it came out. For some unknown and unconscious reason, my mouth substituted ‘crotch’ for ‘squash’. I have NO IDEA where that came from.

I tried to just keep reading hoping the kids didn’t catch it. But crotch is just one of those words that kids under 10 have a radar on. They can hear it from 30 feet away even when whispered. By the time I got to the third line, all three kids had lost it. Laughing so hard they could barely breathe.

And Makenna has had a great time sharing what she learned at school today with everyone she can think of over the phone and on email. Apparently, her conscience is also crook’d like a crotch. 🙂


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