Wife. Mom. Teacher?

If you had asked me five years ago if I would consider homeschooling, the answer (after much laughter) would have been a resounding “No way!”

But now here I am several months into it, and I can’t believe we didn’t try this sooner.

When Makenna got accepted into the Challenger’s Program at her old school, I thought that it would really push her in math and reading. Unfortunately, not so much.

While there were some lessons that were tough, overall, Makenna maintained her straight “A” average and really only took on additional homework. And don’t even get me started on the conversations I had with the principal, the gifted program coordinator and the superintendent trying to get her a more challenging program. It was “my job as her parent to find outside opportunities for Makenna to grow.”


Okay, I took that challenge personally. Could I homeschool? Would I have the skills, abilities and, most importantly, patience to make sure she got what she needed?

After much research, we found a great partner in K12 and the Ohio Virtual Academy. We are loving the format and have had great help. More importantly, the ability to work outside the program and adapt it to Makenna’s needs and interests is phenomenal.

Makenna loves that they takte time to connect the students so that they get some much-needed social interaction. She is also enjoying the clubs and activities outside of classroom instruction.

I am loving watching her grow. Seeing the look on her face when she finally grasps a new concept or gets a 100% on a test. And knowing that I helped her get there. That is priceless.

I ccan only hope that things will keep heading in this positive direction. Will I ever be up to the challenge of homeschooling the twins? Let’s take this one school year at a time!


One thought on “Wife. Mom. Teacher?

  1. Hey Natasha. I’ll be watching your homeschooling journey and taking notes. My three brothers and I were in “gifted” programs as kids, with different outcomes. I know that these days it is on parents to really help their gifted kids to reach their fullest potential. Not that I think my kid is a genius at 3, but there are certain things going on with him that I already know he’s going to need some special support and I fear what a big public school system can do. So anyway, congrats on making such an important decision for your daughter.

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