Six years later…

About the time that people started asking me how far along I was and then freaking out when I would say only five months, I realized – I AM HAVING TWINS!!! (Of course, I would later realize, thanks to all the lovely photos my husband took at the hospital, that I looked like I was ready to birth a hippo or two. No wonder everyone was concerned!!)

Never had it entered my mind. I remember the day we found out.

Because I had recently turned 35, I was considered advanced age with my second pregnancy. We decided that an ultrasound at 12 weeks would be a safe thing to do. If there were any issues, we would have time to adjust and deal as best we could.

I distinctly remember the geneticist asking if there were birth defects or multiples in our family history. Nope. Clean as far as anyone can remember, we replied. And off to the ultrasound we went.

As the tech was doing the screen, she started laughing and then said, “Look at them both swimming around in there.”

My response, as would have been any rational person at that point was, “Both arms?”

Then she dropped the bomb. “Didn’t anyone tell you you are having twins?”

I couldn’t see my own face, but I am pretty sure my description matched David’s as we stared at the screen – Shock and Awe. There were two little heads with caterpillar-like bodies swimming like they were in bunk beds.

I got an even bigger shock when the tech suggested that she needed to check for more. At this point, I informed her that she was not allowed to find any more. Screw being prepared. I needed sanity!!

From there, we made a rash of phone calls, bought two of everything, joined the Dayton Mothers of Twins Club, bought a bigger car, craved protein 😉 and waited.

My boys didn’t follow the rules even then. First, they came on their due date. And then they weighed in at a full-term 7 and 7 1/2 pounds. (As if there was any doubt from that photo!)

And they’ve been breaking the rules ever since! I love you Jack and Dylan. I am so proud to be your Momma. Happy Birthday!


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