We are in double digits!

The weekend crash that killed three Bellbrook teen girls has me sad and scared. No one tells you how to do this job. Not really. Sure, there are books and blogs and family all offering advice and support.But how do you cope with a loss like that?

How do you overcome the urge to lock away your little girl until she’s 30 in the hopes of protecting her from this crazy world? How do you make her understand the dangers that she will face without scaring her from taking the risks that will make her life worth living?

It’s overwhelming. All I can do for now is tell her what happened. Share the story and the powerful emotions that I am feeling. Help her understand that risks come with consequences that always have to be weighed. And teach her to live every day she has on this Earth like it could be her last because none of us ever knows.

So today, we are celebrating her move to double-digit birthdays! For 10 years, she has brought joy and light to our lives. She has made us smile, laugh and cry. She is a beautiful dancer, a lovely singer and a creative writer. She is filled with compassion and gives amazing hugs. And we love her with all of our hearts.

Happy birthday, Makenna!


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