On being ladylike

I took the kids out to dinner by myself the other night. As usual, they requested their favorite restaurant, Sammy’s El Pueblo.

As the meal drew to a close, the boys happened to catch “Lola” by the Kinks playing on the radio and start singing along. Loudly. Please understand they don’t know “Lola”. They know “Yoda” by  Weird Al, which is what they are singing. It’s that whole YouTube thing again!

Anyway, while I am trying to quiet the boys, the waiter brings our check. This waiter keeps going back and forth between Spanish and English and just happens to calls me señorita. Mak asks what it means, and I tell her I think that it stands for “lady”. (Forgive me Mrs. Tuefel for forgetting the actual translation. I did enjoy your Spanish class!)

Makenna gives me a generous eye roll and retorts, “Oh yeah. You’re a real lady. Especially when you fart in the car.”

It wasn’t me. Yoda did it. 😀


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