Flashback Post – What the…?

In the process of our recent move, I came across the journal that I used to use to keep track of Makenna’s funny sayings and stories before I started this blog. Reading back through them, I knew I had to create a series of flashback posts. They are just too good not to be shared. Enjoy!

Age 4

As I came in to daycare one afternoon, the teacher pulled me over to discuss something Makenna had done that day. She told me that a couple of the other students had told on Makenna for saying “What the f*%$?” during a game.

The teacher called Makenna over and talked to her about it. Her conversation went something like this:

Teacher: “Makenna, your friends say that you said a bad word during the game today. They say that you said ‘What the F-word.’ Is that true?”

Makenna: “My dad says that all the time.”

Teacher: “That may be true, but it is a very bad word and you cannot say that here.”

Makenna: “I can say it at home.”

Teacher: “I doubt that is true and will talk to your mom about it this afternoon. While you are at school, you cannot use that word.”

Makenna: “Okay…but that’s not what I said anyway.”

Teacher: “What did you say?”

Makenna: “I said ‘What the hell?’!!”

Teacher: “Of course you did.”


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