Learning my chicken lingo

If anyone had told me 10 years ago that an article like this would someday be required reading for me, I would have laughed until I cried (and so would most of the people who knew me then). But here I am, bookmarking it to make sure I can refer to it often.

This is just one of the many things we are learning as we transition from somewhat city life to true farm life. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up farming like David.

So while I try to learn the difference between a capon, a pullet and a cockerel, I do know this. The photo is of a Silkie. This is the type of chicken we hope to start out with here at B.A. Farms. We like them because, well, they are awfully fuzzy and cute for a chicken and because they are  known for their calm, friendly temperament.

Something a non-farm girl like me can appreciate as I am sticking my hand around their ‘vents’ for eggs!


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