Parenting and knitting: One and the same thing?

DownloadedFile-2I recently finished the book Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl McFee. I loved the book and the description suits it well, “An obsessed knitter who can’t seem to put the needles down reveals the tangled and sometimes maniacal path of her knitting triumphs and disasters.” It is a great read for any knitter.

My favorite part chapter is titled: Parents and Knitters. Here are just a few of my favorites reasons parenting is like knitting.

1. They both involve an act of creation involving common materials, easily found around the home. 

2. Both are more pleasant if you have the occasional glass of wine, but go right down the drain if you start up with a lot of tequila.

3. With either one, you can start with all the right materials, use all the best reference books available, really apply yourself, and still get completely unexpected results.

4. One day, you will wake up and realize that you are spending hours and hours working at something that is costing you a fortune, won’t ever pay the bills, creates laundry and clutters up your house, and won’t ever really be finished and the only thing you will think about it is that you can’t wait to get home and do more.

Profound, when you think about it.


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