Texas, or Where all the naked people are

DownloadedFile-1Driving home the other night, we were passed by a charter bus wrapped with graphics declaring it “The Game Train“. The boys thought this was pretty cool.

The bus features game playing consoles and can be rented to take your group to a far away event or just by the day for fun. Not so fun if you have motion sickness, pointed out Makenna! (Heads up moms, they also will park in front of your house for a kids party!)

Makenna also pointed out that the license plate was from Texas. Immediately, Dylan shouts,

“Mommy, let’s follow The Game Train to Texas where all the naked people are!”


“You know, cause it’s so hot down there. Nobody wears clothes in Texas except the cowboys. That would hurt riding a horse naked.”

I am sure my uncle who has lived in Houston for over 20 years would confirm this…right, Uncle Doug?


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