Volunteering Super Bowl style

imagesI have to admit that if the Cowboys aren’t playing, the only reason I watch the Super Bowl is for the ads. My favs this year were the Budweiser Clydesdale ad, the Oreo Library ad, and the Jeep Oprah ad. But I LOVED the Dodge Farmer ad and the fact that if you view it on the Ram website, Dodge is giving back for every view to Future Farmers of America. Fantastic!

While I was watching, I remembered a great presentation on the incredible volunteerism Indianapolis experienced during the 46th Super Bowl. It was given by Chuck Gose, PR extraordinaire, at the 2012 SummitUp conference. Chuck shared details about the many ways the city engaged volunteers, but my favorite was having knitters create 1,300 scarves to keep volunteers and staff warm during the weeklong event. 

The knitters had to use that same two colors, but could be creative in their patterns. The scarves were then sent to have members of the women’s correctional facility sew on Super Bowl 46 patches. Some of the scarves were sent to volunteers with thank you notes from the knitters.

According to Chuck, the response to the call for scarf knitters and other volunteers was overwhelming. His advice for engaging volunteers,

“When you are engaging a volunteer base, don’t underestimate their passion. Let it drive the engagement and your results.”

Here’s a short video about the #Social46 effort in Indy. In it you get a sneak peek at the beautiful scarves. Let’s hope the folks in New Orleans had as much fun last week. And congratulations on your win, Ravens!


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