There’s one born every minute

You know those people that will buy swampland in Florida? According to my husband, I’m one of them.

Here’s what happened…

Yesterday, David sent me to Marysville to buy a water tank. He had found the tank on Craigslist from a farmer we have dealt with before. This should have been no big deal.

Until the goats starting bleating. If you’ve seen the recent video circulating on Facebook, you know what I mean when I say these goats would not be ignored. Turns out, the farmer had two does that were kidding that afternoon (Farm terms: Does: female goats, Kidding: birthing. I just thought I’d impress you with my knowledge.) So, of course, I asked to see them. Poor goats, indeed!

The farmer then led me into barn #2 where all the bunnies were. When I say all, I mean over 400 cute, fluffy, ready-for-Easter-basket bunnies. Although I was tempted, there was no way he was talking me into taking a bunny. I know nothing about raising a bunny!

As we walked into barn #3, he explained that he bred all these animals for local pet stores. In fact just that morning, the buyer had come in and bought most of his ready bunnies and guinea pigs.

All but one little guinea pig. This poor little guy had odd red eyes, funny ginger hair and he was a bit older and bigger than the rest. The buyer just didn’t think a store would want him. So she left him all alone in his pen without his brothers and sisters…


Meet Shaggy. The newest member of the Baker family and first official ‘farm’ animal in residence at Bakers Acres.

The word you are looking for is ‘sucker’.


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