A Smashing Journal

Smash1All over my bookshelves, you will find partially finished journals. Actually, they are more barely started than partially finished!

Journalling always seems like a good idea. I am writer who for years has felt stymied by the corporate PR leash. I have written my fair share of news releases and bylined articles about how to appropriately dispose of nuclear waste and make more money on cremation services. (Really, I have written those articles.) You would think journals would provide a creative outlet that I would love.

And I do start out loving them. But somewhere along the way, I always seem to get derailed and never go back.

That is why I am so excited to show you my completed journal for 2012. I did it! I finished one thanks to the combination of a clever new product line called Smash(R) and the creative journal prompts of Ashley at Lil Blue Boo.

I love my Smash book. I found the line of products first at Michaels, then at Target and WalMart. The books are beautiful and inspiring. There’s enough variety both in sizes, add-ons and themes to make any blogger or scrapbooker happy.

And as for Ashley Hack at lilblueboo.com…if you aren’t following this blog, you should be! Her DIY projects alone are enough to make you want to come back. And her incredible journey through cancer is what prompted me to follow her in the first place.

The Lil Journal Project that she started last fall made completing my journal a breeze. With prompts like “Map out your life in cars you’ve owned/driven” or “Make a list of  authentic moments that bring you joy,” it was easy to get my creative juices flowing.

What I love is that I have this snapshot of my life. I can pull it out and remember 2012 or maybe someday my kids will share them with their kids. That’s cool.


“For all the things that matter, and for all the things that don’t.
For all the stuff that’s too good to forget.
For any reason and FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.

For all the good ideas, life lists,
conversations & happenings.
For all of life’s tidbits that make you smile.”

Source: Smash*

Click here to learn about the entire product line on YouTube.

I am not in any way affiliated with K&Company or Lilblueboo.com. I am receiving no income from this post. I just love sharing cool stuff!!


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