Top top top top top of the world

DownloadedFile-1We are a musical family. Not like Partridge Family musical, but there is hardly a time when no one is singing, humming or whistling around Bakers Acres.

David plays guitar and keyboards, sings and writes some pretty incredible stuff. I was a double major in music on voice and bassoon (Yeah, I played the farting bedpost! What about it?) And Makenna has an amazing voice and is a beautiful dancer.

There is music playing in our house all the time. We love all kinds of music. From country and classical to head-banging guitar and hip hop, you never know what you’ll hear blaring from an iPod.

I love watching the boys as they discover music. This was the first Christmas that they remembered the words to Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman. They are starting to get picky about what’s on the car radio. (Jack prefers Joe Satriani. Dylan can sing a mad version of “Rumor Has It” by Adele. And they’re both huge fans of Eric Church.) In fact, they can be found singing together randomly on any given day.

Like this morning when I snatched this video of them singing “We Are Young” by FUN. Enjoy!


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