The Happy Couple – 20 Years Later



20 Years. It’s a long time. To work. To live. To love.

Today, David and I celebrate our 20th anniversary. There were many who thought we would never make it past our first, but here we are. We have worked hard on our marriage everyday. We have lived in the moment a lot of the time. And we have loved, so much.

From that first crazy day in a mini-mall in Lexington, KY, we formed a union with a $500 ceremony, a few family members as witnesses and whole lot of laughter. There is no way to tell youeverything that has happened in our lifetime together in a single blog post. Here are just a few of the highlights of our 20 years together…

  • 3 AMAZING kids
  • 13 moves (Any marriage that can survive 13 moves is destined for greatness!)
  • 12 job changes
  • 5 dogs, 2 cats and a couple tankfuls of fish
  • 5 major surgeries (3 his, 2 mine)
  • 16 cars
  • 3 motorcycles
  • 6 loved ones lost
  • More friends than we ever expected
  • Countless laughs and tears

David, over the years you have been my inspiration, coach, cheerleader, mechanic, muse, editor, handyman, favorite musician, teacher, best friend, father of my children, and husband. I came into this relationship with no expectations, and have taken way more than I could give. Thank you for loving me. I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years holds.


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