Thank goodness, it’s not just me

imagesI knew as soon as I read this email from my friend Julie that I had to share it. Any of you that know me, know that these kind of crazy, epic, chaotic moments happen to me ALL THE TIME!! Whether karma or just plain old clutziness, I have a knack for making a mess of things.

Thank you, Julie, for letting me share your funny story. And yes, we are all laughing with you, not at you!

I fed Romeo (her dog), made myself a cup of tea, put some eggs on to boil and headed for my desk to check my email.  My email box was full and required many responses.  My mother called and as we chatted, my forgotten eggs continued to boil.  Romeo barked at me (perhaps in an effort to warn me of the quickly progressing situation).  Shortly after I had calmed Romeo, gotten him to stop barking and sat back down at my desk I heard a huge explosion!  It sounded like someone was firing  machine gun in my kitchen!  I jumped up and ran to the kitchen and found hard boiled eggs everywhere!

There were clumps of egg yolk on my ceiling.  There were bits and pieces of egg white and burnt shells littering my counters, floor and even stuck to the glass in my french doors, in the grid of my kitchen light fixtures and all over my cupboards and refrigerator.  On my dining room table I found 3 mostly in tact burnt-shelled eggs.  What had become of the other 9 eggs?  Well…..bits and pieces of egg yolk, egg white and burnt shells littered my kitchen, dining room and hallway like confetti.

After attempting to clean it up I decided that calling my husband and confessing was probably the best course of action.  I gave him all the details and prepared him for finding the “egg confetti” everywhere.  After a few comments about not allowing me in the kitchen ever again, we were both laughing.  Thanks to my Mother for suggesting that I remember to use a timer to remind me the next time I attempt to boil eggs.  Thanks Mom!

I’m sure we will be finding bits and pieces of my eggs for some time and I’m sure that this story will haunt me at family gatherings even longer.  Aside from a few yolks on the ceiling that I can’t reach with a spatula, only the burnt egg smell remains.  Hopefully that will be gone before Jim gets home from work!


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