My politically incorrect boys

imagesI have debated for a week about writing this post. I know that this story won’t win me any mother of the year awards, but then I wasn’t probably up for one of those anyway! So here goes…

While driving through town the other day, we passed an incredibly long line of cars waiting to clear a one-way stretch of road through a construction zone. It was long enough that I commented to the kids in the back seat that I was glad we weren’t going that way! When I wondered aloud why there was so much traffic heading out of town, Dylan replied,

“It’s probably just a bunch of fat guys heading for doughnuts. They love to eat their doughnuts.”

I have an idea where this came from (dear hubs I am looking at you), and I know that it was completely inappropriate, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Too freakin’ funny!





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