UPDATE: Tiny tormentor. Incredible impact.

dab hatA few weeks ago, I shared David’s story about a recent diagnosis to a nearly life-long condition. We continue to look for insight and try to find more information. We also had a recent visit to David’s general practitioner to discuss other issues for which the GP had already been treating him.

Let’s just say the visit with the GP was interesting.

From the start, the doc was put-off by the fact that we went looking for answers outside of him. He did not believe the results we had received. He came just shy of calling the other doctor a fraud and suggested that maybe his diagnosis was more about getting us sucked in to buying supplements sold by he other practice rather than really helping.

To his credit, he admitted that he really knew nothing about Lyme disease, and he couldn’t even say babesiosis; real confidence builder there. But it wasn’t totally unexpected. Most of the GPs in this area aren’t familiar with either of these diseases.

He is also very concerned about a couple of other issues David has, including high blood pressure, off-the-charts levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, very low levels of Vitamin D and the constant migraines/mini-seizures (which could be caused by a multitude of things other than Lyme disease.) He outlined several courses of ‘regular medical treatment’ and suggested that he stop the Lyme disease treatment for a while to see if it stops ‘muddying the water.’

UGH!! Now what!? We are confused and unsure how to proceed. And the Lyme disease treatment is extremely expensive and not covered by insurance. We haven’t seen marked changes, but some mild improvement.

We did find this article on the New York Times wellness blog somewhat insightful this morning, and have already sent a link to his GP. Not sure it will make a difference, but it can’t hurt to share. Decisions, decisions and all the while, David is still suffering. FRUSTRATING!


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