Creative kindness

images-1In January, I liked and shared a status on Facebook from a friend. She was sharing her desire to be more creative this year. Her need translated in free gifts for the first five commenters to her status. The catch was that in order to get what would certainly be a fun surprise from her sometime this year, you had to agree to also get creative and share the same status with five others.

I accepted the challenge and got my five responders: one of my brothers, a cousin, and three other friends. I have totally embraced getting more creative and had so much fun creating the gifts I have shared so far!

It has been a pleasure deciding what to do for each person. Really trying to get in their heads and find something that would mean something to them personally.

For my friend in Florida going through a second cancer scare, I knitted what turned out to be one of my favorite scarves/shawls for chilly beach evenings out of a beautiful, soft yarn the color of sea glass.

For my brother who shaves his head, a funky wool hat in caramel ombre tones that reminded me of fall.

For my cousin, I bought some simple mugs and knitted covers to keep her morning coffee warm while she drinks it on her porch dreaming about spoiling her first grandchild.

For another friend, I just completed a soft, fuzzy cowl. I picked a bright red shade of merino wool that reminded me of the passion she has for everything she does from taking care of her kids to fighting for cancer research.

Finally, I am still working on the last gift. It is a monumental project for the original inspirer of this journey. I know it is going to take me quite a while, and may not even get finished before the end of the year. But I can’t wait to see her face when she receives it. Her inspiration has brightened my year and has created a tradition that I will carry on happily.

So who wants to sign up for 2014?


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