Who knew?

gma lowmanIn a conversation with my cousin the other day, she mentioned the fact that our grandmother, Ruth Lowman, was a writer. She wrote in journals, extensively, throughout her life. I had no idea.

I have often wondered from where this desire to write came. I’ve never seen either my parents writing in a journal or diary. For me, it’s a need to make a record of this life; to let someone know I was here. Did she feel the same?

It made me wonder about my grandparents. I really didn’t know them that well. Who were their parents? What other passions did they have? What else had I never taken the time to learn while I had them?

And while I may never get the chance to talk with her about the joys of writing, here are a few things I do know about her.

  • She loved her family and was fiercely protective of them.
  • She took great pride in her home and always had a open door for friends in need.
  • She laughed. A lot. Like all the time. In fact, it was one of my favorite things about her.
  • She told horrible jokes and great stories.
  • She and my grandpa lived life fully, passionately. They never missed a chance to take a road trip, meet up with friends or come to a grandkids’ concert.

This passion for life and laughter is one of the things I most admired about her and something I am pretty sure I inherited from her. As well as a love of writing.

One of my favorite stories about Grandma Lowman actually took place on the night she died. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she and grandpa were in Branson, MO, on a trip with friends. She refused standard treatment because at 81, who wants to spend your last few days going through that?  Not her, for sure.

My cousin and I helped take care of her those last few weeks. On the night she died, she kept calling my grandpa and I into the room with her. The last time she called to us, we found her on her back, with her arm extended. The only thing she said was, “Pull my finger!” After all, she was a mom of four boys. It was a standard joke around her house. Grandpa and I laughed so hard while she watched and smiled. She slipped away quietly later that evening.

It’s a perfect example of the life she led. Making the people around her smile whenever she could. I am so glad to know we shared this passion. In a way, I feel more connected to her than ever.


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