Maybe it’s ’cause; we’re all gonna die

imagesWe know this, right?  I am not immortal. You are not immortal. There is nothing we can do to stop death. In fact, what we have done to extend longevity is only prolonging our old age; not our youth. So why are we trying so hard?

I watched this TED Talk last night and found it extremely powerful. The idea that we are so afraid to talk about the one thing that is inevitable in our lives is perplexing to me. It’s going to happen. You can’t control the when or the how. But you might have some power over what happens in the process.

Do you have a living will? Do you have a durable/medical power of attorney? Does your family know what your wishes are and will they honor them?

I started asking these questions when I became an organ donor and registered with Be the Match. Did you know that just signing up to become an organ donor is not a guarantee that your wishes will be honored? Your next of kin has the right to refuse the use of your organs even if you have already registered.

This was a surprise to me. I have reiterated again and again with my family the importance of organ donation and my wishes should my organs be of use. Parts of the body that I will no longer need when I am dead could save as many as six lives!! Six Lives!! Wow!

David knows that I have specific wishes for after I die. I want my body to be used as a cadaver at a local medical school. And when they are finished with it, I would like to be cremated and put into a man-made coral reef. (Don’t you love that idea?! You can also choose a firework, tattoo ink, even a diamond!)

He has a wish that everyone who comes to a memorial service for him must drink a finger of scotch on their way through the door. It’s a simple request and will ‘make for a party instead of a funeral’.

But that’s us. At least we’ve had the discussion. And we’ve talked with our families. And they all know, if they don’t honor my requests, I will be back to haunt them!!


2 thoughts on “Maybe it’s ’cause; we’re all gonna die

  1. I’m also a believer in organ donation. I also INSIST that in the unlikely event I die tragically (and the potentially unlikely event that anyone cares) there be NO tacky memorials with stuffed animals or candles.

    It is also apparent that I MUST outlive my mother-in-law or else she will mess up my entire funeral with over-the-top funeral-stuff.

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