Farm philosophy: Pig-headed focus

IMG_6821I have decided to write a series of posts on the logical nature of farm animals. When we started this farm, I never imagined that I would say this: There is something to be said for the simple way pigs/goats/chickens go through life that makes me wonder – maybe we could learn from them?

Let’s me start with the pigs.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that I have spent a lot of time this spring chasing, feeding and frustrating over pigs. No matter what we do to their pen, we struggle to keep them in it. Add more fence posts; they find a way out. Add stone blocks to hold in fence panels; they find a way out. Rework the gates; they find a way out.

They have outsmarted us at every turn. They seem to have this single-minded determination to get out.

And then it hits me, they really are smarter than me.

In my career and as a wife and mom, I am always trying to get more things done in a day. For years, we have been taught that the ability to multitask is a desirable skill. And boy do I try to attain it. I conduct conference calls while taking my daughter to dance lessons. I help with homework while cooking dinner. I text and email at all hours of the night and day. I juggle appointments and deadlines like flaming batons.

All in the name of getting more done. But how am I really doing? Am I really giving the necessary focus to all of those projects and spinning plates to ensure that I have put forth my best effort?

According to this article by Scripps, all this multitasking is not only not working , but it is even harming us! Instead of multitasking, they call it distracted living. Hmmmm…

So maybe those pigs can teach us a lesson after all. They approach every day with two goals in mind:

1. Find sustenance.

2. Try to get free.

Can’t get much simpler than that. And as I have learned, they are successful at both because they are determined to give those goals all of their effort and energy.

Imagine if we did the same. Find two attainable goals for the day and focus on them. Whether work or home, what are a couple things you need/want to accomplish today? Write them down and work the first half of your day to stay focused on only those things until you’ve successfully completed them.

With pig-headed determination and focus, we could change the world!


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