Third times the charm, right?

For nearly 25 years, I have colored my hair. I love it! Hair is a great way to express yourself, and coloring is an easy way to keep from getting bored when growing out hair!

For me, sometimes the change is subtle, most of the time it’s pretty dramatic. If I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me, “I didn’t even recognize you!”

I started coloring my hair when I was 18 trying to cover up my first patch of gray.Ah family genes! I have had it done by professionals (particularly when  have made some major errors!) But mostly I have done my own coloring.

Red, blonde, various shades of brown, black, and all kinds of highlights. (And once a lovely shade of Ronald McDonald Clown color thanks to an escaped dog that I chased through the neighborhood for nearly two hours with color on my hair. That was pretty!)

I’ve used the highlighting cap, foils, chunking technique; I’ve even colored other folks hair. I’d like to think I’ve become quite a pro at it.

And then it happened. Last week, I decided to try a new product because I had a coupon. Always risky, but for an old pro like me, not a big deal. I mean, I’ve seen it all.

Except for the color of brassy orange that my hair was when I finished. Yikes! (Brassy blonde is usually from not leaving the dye on long enough. It can also be from cheap dye. Hmmmm?)

Only this time, I didn’t have the money to go to a pro to get it fixed. It was up to me.

Round two, had slightly better results. My hair only had a hint of green, not full-on grass green or anything. More like a brownish-sage. Great for walls, not hair! (Green tint is a common malady of going from tinted blonde hair back to brown. It can be prevented by using a warmer color. It can also be the result of swimming in chlorinated water.)

And so we come to Round 3 – new warmer dye, plus a twist. If I am going to do all of this coloring, I might as well liven it up a bit, right? Here are the final results. (It’s hard in this photo to see the blonde layer underneath. I will try and get a better photo later. You can see my Pinterest inspiration below, too.)




2 thoughts on “Third times the charm, right?

  1. I have never colored my hair. Very soon, I’m sure the grey hairs will come faster than my tweezers can pluck them and I’ll have to “go there.” I know who to go to for help (I think).

  2. Love how you are always changing it up!! I love it when I mention you to somebody and they say “I think I know her…is she blond?” And I have to say, “I’m not sure…” LOL!!

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