I am in Oakwood. My phone is in Waynesville.

I have made a career out of helping people manage events. Large scale, multi-thousand dollar events.  And most of my clients would say that I am really good at it. I am kind of known for it.

The reason that I have always been good at it is that I am typically well-prepared for these events. I make checklists. I follow plans. I have kits with back-up and emergency supplies that include everything from duck tape to sewing supplies to nail polish remover.

I even have special training in crisis communication and disaster preparation. This is what I do. 

So when I find myself sitting at a Starbucks in Oakwood while my phone is still sitting on the counter in Waynesville (almost 40 minutes away), I am flabbergasted.

How does this happen? And it’s not like it’s the first time, either.

When we moved out to our farm, I knew that the sheer location would have a major impact on my life. Everything we do from grocery shopping to client meetings to kids’ activities are a minimum of 20 minutes away.

My problem is that I haven’t approached the daily chaos as I would event chaos. With an event, I would always plan ahead. Often times, you get to an event site and can’t really leave until the fat lady sings. If you are lucky, you have an intern who can run and grab coffee, lunch and the occasional forgotten item. But most of the time you have to be prepared.

I need to think of our daily chaos as individual events and plan accordingly. Maybe I need a checklist by the door that says “Keys, check. Phone, check. Purse, check. Head, check.” There’s gotta be something cute on Pinterest for this, right?

Don’t even get me started on how this mindless gene seems to have been passed on to Makenna. Thank you to the nice manager at McDonald’s who grilled a special piece of chicken just for my daughter’s salad this morning.

Her camp lunch (packed last night) is sitting on the counter in Waynesville. Right next to my phone.


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