My brain hurts


Sometimes, your brain won’t turn off.

You are laying in bed trying to sleep, but you worry over what needs to get done, how you are going to get it all done and what will be the consequences if something doesn’t get done.

Sometimes, you need a brain dump. At 5 am. Because my brain won’t stop. Please bear with me.

– We have to get rid of our rooster. He’s mean to me and kids. The only question is how exactly do you get rid of a mean rooster? Google search: How to catch a mean rooster…

– I need to start making Christmas gifts. Well, I need to decide what to make for Christmas and then get the materials and then start making the gifts. Maybe I should look on Pinterest. There are always great ideas there!

– We need to decide what to do for the kids birthday parties. Stick with the same Halloween themed bash? Who will the boys invite? They can’t have just one cousin there. What about costumes this year? Hmmm, Halloween ideas on Pinterest?

– I need to find bags for the boys football gear, get Makenna into the dance shop for new gear, find a way to pay for all their gear…

– Need to send list of social media ideas to Clothes That Work for promoting the fall luncheon. Did I just agree to co-chair? What’s next?

– Must read and study two texts for fall course I’m teaching at SAA. Where are my highlighters?

– Finish knitting baby gifts for client. Finish knitting baby gifts for my cousin. Start knitting birthday gift for Mak. Where did I put that pattern? Pinterest?

– What’s for dinner? Did I put that recipe on Pinterest?

– Running grocery list – GF bread, snacks for boys Scooby Doo camp next week, cat food…oh, man, I’m forgetting something

– Library books need to go back to both libraries. Where did the boys put that Wii game? What was the book that Goodreads recommended I should read?

– I need a hair cut – Great Clips? What cut? Back to Pinterest I go…

– Today’s to-dos: Final edits to fall/winter Dayton Mag, final edits to Fall/Winter Parkways, feed animals, return library books, take Mak to Red Hotz, take boys to USAF Museum, pick up Mak from Red Hotz, hair cut?, feed animals, get everyone ready, take Mak back to Red Hotz for performance, meet up with boys and David to watch performance, go home and pass out.

Is it any wonder I can’t sleep? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


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