No bones about it

operation-gameThis may officially be my proudest mom moment so far. The boys shared knowledge of how their bodies work is impressive for six year olds. Here is how I know what they know.

Driving back from taking Makenna to camp on Friday, Dylan began quizzing Jack in the back seat. 

What are the smallest bones in your body? Jack answered ear bones. (Close enough!)

What is your biggest organ? Jack answered skin. (Yes!)

What is your body made of most? Jack answered water. (You go!)

Then came the question:

What part of your body doesn’t have a bone?

Jack answered nose, and Dylan disagreed. When I step in and agree with Jack, Dylan says,

“Yeah, but I was talking about your penis. See! You couldn’t do this if it had a bone!”

I’ll let you imagine what he was doing. Suffice it to say, I couldn’t share a photo!


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