Farm Philosophy: The grass really is always greener

Meet Belles and Milky Way, our goats here at BA Farms.

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Belles is a 6-month-old 1/2 Nubian-1/2 Boer goat we won in a raffle (NEVER think that just one ticket in a bag of 400 can’t win the goat. Especially if you have no goat equipment or food, no fenced-in pasture and no other goats!!)

Milky Way is the goat that we had to get because we won Belles at the raffle. Goats don’t like to live alone. Milky Way is a 6-year-old Pygmy goat. He is as sweet as can be and has won Grand Champion at the Warren County Fair twice before.

So Belles and Milky Way live in harmony for the most part in about a quarter of an acre of pasture on the back of our property. They have their own stall in the barn and access to a field of weeds (a goat fav) and hay.

Here’s where the trouble lies. Milky Way and Belles don’t want the weeds or hay within their pasture. Because, of course, the weeds and the hay are always greener on the other side of the fence.

For several weeks after the goats moved in, the kids, David and I spent an incredible amount of time getting Belles’ head unstuck from the fence. She was trying to eat the greener weeds and hay on the other side. She received several cuts and nicks to her horns from trying to pull/push her way free. Let alone days of time stuck there sitting in her own pee.

But isn’t that how life goes? Oftentimes, the grass really is greener on the other side. The real question is whether it is worth the price you pay to get it?

More often than not you will find that it isn’t. So keep your head on your own side of the fence and save yourself from having to sit all day in your own pee. đŸ˜‰


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