Master of my domain

teacherFor years I have been weighing the idea of going back to school and getting a Master’s degree in PR. My primary reason for wanting one is the ability to teach at a local college or university.

I love the idea of teaching. Sharing what I have learned over years in this field with bright minds. Helping them understand that not everything they are getting in a textbook applies in the real world. 

My experiences are vast for someone working in PR in a smaller metro like Dayton and were driven by a lot of failure  – exactly what every student needs to hear, right?

I have considered the University of Dayton grad program (Yay to the alma mater) and Kent State’s fantastic online only program (so easy and from the comfort of your own couch!) Ultimately, I have ruled it out due in part to money, but mostly to time commitments. How is a SAHM of three, freelancing consultant, magazine editing, community volunteer supposed to fit in studying, long paper writing and, in the case of UD, in-class attendance??

Enter the School of Advertising Art and a great option – Technical courses! I am so excited to announce that I will be co-teaching at SAA this fall. The technical course offers a combined art design/copyediting approach; how it should be done in the real world! And it doesn’t require that I have a Master’s degree!


So, I will be studying away over the next several weeks, reviewing text books and prepping a syllabus. I can’t wait!

Now where did I put my highlighters…


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